At the clinic we primarily use the Muscle Balance and Function Development {MBF} System to serve as a complement to our health care approach. This exercise system allows us to look beyond the symptoms and seek the cause of any physical disorder, and to provide long-term solutions. Patients discover that they are provided the means to restore their bodies to a higher level of function and health.


The human body responds, develops, and is maintained according to basic biomechanical principles. However, due to the lack of purposeful physical activity, today's lifestyle promotes postural weakness which causes the premature breakdown of our Musculoskeletal systems, making them susceptible to injury, reduced performance and prolonged recovery.

The MBF system is a unique method of restoring function to the human body. It is a principle based system that is grounded in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics.

The program's evaluation process reveals the muscular imbalances that cause postural misalignment, compensated motion, reduced performance, and injury. Postural realignment is then accomplished by applying a progression of sequential exercises that have been systematically orientated toward each client's unique needs. These exercises target the intrinsic postural muscle groups and retrain the neuromuscular system, reminding each muscle of the function it was designed to perform. The exercises require minimal equipment and can be performed almost anywhere.

The MBF system is an adjunct to manual therapy, and allows us to add predictable results to the structural alignment process. This exercise based approach improves the healing outcomes for our clients.

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